Carry your bag into the future with Qt Power

SmartPower™ from QT Power is the world’s first hardware and software solution that makes it possible to embed your luxury handbags with on-demand charging power and amazing connectivity, beautifully and seamlessly.

Let us help you carry your bags to a place where artistry meets innovation.

Lead the charge

Be the first to plug your customers into a virtually invisible source of power and connectivity.

Our super thin, super lightweight SmartPower battery is easily stitched into the lining of your handbags, turning each one into a mobile charging station.

Your customers get to recharge their smartphones and tablets—anytime, anywhere.

You get to retain your leading edge by creating a bag that’s as smart as it is beautiful.

Lead the charge

A Bag That’s Unmistakably You

Only SmartPower technology tells you, and your customers, where and by whom each bag was made.

Customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their bag is the genuine article.

You enjoy a money-saving way to ensure that your bag cannot be copied or counterfeited.

A bag that's unmistakably you

Create a Bag That Holds Much More Than Interest

Leadership Status

Let customers know that your brand is at the forefront of the “Internet of Things” by offering unparalleled connectivity.

Total Control

Easily keep track of where your bags are in the manufacturing and distribution process.

Product Assurance

Transparent technology assures customers who are concerned about ethical manufacturing standards.

Bag Security

Digital Bodyguard makes it impossible for thieves to scan passports or other sensitive documents stowed in your bag.

Theft Detection

Find My Bag is a Bluetooth feature that helps your customers track down and pinpoint a lost or stolen bag.


Custom tailoring is what QT Power is all about. We’ll work closely with you to design and create customized services that make your ties to your customers even stronger.

Find out how we can help you open your luxury bags up to a universe of connectivity, power, and sales potential.

Open your bag to a world of possibilities

Get a Handle on the Future, Today.

Learn more about the luxury of technology with QT Power.



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